Daddy Chinee

Based in the Caribbean, Daddy Chinee is a master of Reggae, Latin-Parang Chutney-Soca and Traditional Soca. He writes his own songs and enjoys performing and interacting with his fans.

Reginald Moreaux

Reginald Moreaux writes, records, and produces his own music at his home recording studio in Texas, USA. He performs at many local venues and enjoys working with Hip Hop and R&B.

Steve Bryan Goeller

Steve Bryan Goeller loves his guitar and loves to perform Classic Country and American Folk music. He writes and strums his own songs and is based in Maryland, USA

Metano K

As a composer and producer in Japan, Metano K is a creative trackmaker, songwriter, and topliner focusing on Hiphop, Reggaeton, R&B, Pop and all Dance music.

Original Quigley

Original Quigley is based in North Scotland. He writes music based on real life experiences which drip of emotion and passion in every word and melody.

He writes across various genres but primarily within Indie Pop/Rock and poignant piano driven ballads. 

(Coming Soon)

Coming Soon -- a very talented and award-winning classical composer based in the USA. Stay tuned!!